ESTE Law Firm in Tashkent delivers top-tier legal counsel to large and medium-sized business entities in Uzbekistan and beyond. Moreover, the firm’s lawyers provide competent legal assistance in criminal, administrative and civil cases.

Deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience allows ESTE lawyers to succeed in solving the most difficult problems.


Settlement of legal issues arising in current activities of organizations

Representation of interests of organizations in relations with partners and state bodies

Claim and litigation Protecting the interests of organizations in economic courts

Registration of rights and execution of transactions with intellectual property

Protection of intellectual property from violations by use of administrative and judicial procedures

Comprehensive legal protection of the rights of foreign investors

Elaboration of effective legal solutions to problems in accordance with law enforcement practice

Full support and ongoing monitoring of enforcement proceedings

Debt recovery for problematic enforcement orders


Legal advice based on analysis of the situation and available documents, legal assessment of the problem

Elaboration of practical solutions of the problem

Legal documentation services and legal drafting (preparation of contracts and agreements, statements and complaints)

Examination and finalization of legal documents in accordance with legal requirements and established practice

Legal protection of the rights and freedoms of the employee in relations with the employer

Representation of interests of an employee in administrative bodies and courts

Settlement of family and housing disputes Legal protection of real estate


Development of legal position in the course of inquiry and preliminary investigation

Protection of interests in criminal proceedings

Protection of rights and legitimate interests of suspects, accused, defendants, and providing them with the necessary legal assistance

Representation of interests of other participants in the criminal process, including witnesses, victims, civil plaintiffs, defendants

Appeal against the application of procedural coercive measures

Preparation of procedural documents (complaints, applications, petitions)


Protection of rights in administrative proceedings

Legal assistance to individuals and organizations in disputes with state bodies

Protection of violated or disputed rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of individuals and organizations in administrative and other public legal relations